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Advisory Services

Small business assistance and coaching for women

Are you a woman entrepreneur looking for small business assistance and small business coaching? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Our advisory services are designed by women for women with an emphasis on promoting business growth and profitability – and entrepreneurial skills and confidence – for the long term.

Women’s Venture Fund provides small business loans for women, but that’s not the only way we empower women entrepreneurs with small business assistance. We offer a comprehensive range of small business assistance and small business coaching that can help you start a new business or build an existing one, in these five key areas:

In other words, Women’s Venture Fund’s advisors know that small business assistance and small business coaching means far more than money. We invest in your business – and most importantly, in the skills, knowledge, and business sense of women entrepreneurs.

Build confidence and savvy: Small business coaching

Whether you’re a sole proprietor or part of a partnership, women entrepreneurs don’t have to go it alone. Our small business coaching services takes small business assistance for women entrepreneurs to a new, accessible level. As a part of our small business coaching services, we offer courses that focus on what it really takes to start and grow a business.

No time to get away for a course? No problem. Our small business coaching services also include one-on-one counseling sessions that can be scheduled around your responsibilities. We’ll talk about how you can improve your marketing skills, business plan, financials, and management skills. Or you can combine our courses with counseling sessions.

Learn more about Women’s Venture Fund and how you can get personalized small business coaching that makes getting small business assistance easier than ever for women entrepreneurs.



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